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Hey All! We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new Youth Organization called Broken Wings. Broken Wings is different from most other youth organizations. Our goal is to work in union with other organizations to build a bridge between the youth across racial, economic, religious, and community lines. 


In short, think the United Nations for the youth. Our target demographic is ALL youth between the ages of 10 and 24. Our passion is to empower the youth while working alongside other great organizations by introducing them to different aspects of culture such as plays, ballets, black tie galas, and etc as well as sports and education. We would have a "governing body" of 12 or more with representatives from every organization and community giving insight about the future direction of our youth. 


One of our missions is to provide a program to your students that deal with a variety of topics and issues. Our focuses are education, mental health, the arts, entrepreneurship, and working together as a group while developing leadership skills. We believe in nurturing the broken areas of our youth now, so as they become adults, they are prepared for success in every area of life!

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About Us

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